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Naklada Slap d.o.o. is a profiled publisher of scientific and professional literature, founded in 1992. Apart from psychological and medical editions, we have expanded into other scientific fields.


Naklada Slap d.o.o. is a leading publisher of psychological literature in the Republic of Croatia. Our psychology programme, apart from University textbooks, scientific, professional and popular editions, also includes psychological measuring instruments. Apart from psychodiagnostic instruments by local authors and various adaptations of foreign tests, we are able to deliver most psychological tests published by foreign test publishers. Psychological measuring instruments are protected work materials intended for psychologists and thus test orders can only be finalised after signing a contract between us and the psychologist as the test user. We are a member of the International Test Commission, our editor-in-chief is a delegate of the Croatian Psychological Society in the Standing Committee on Tests and Testing of the European Psychological Association and a member of the Board of the Croatian Psychological Chamber. We publish two psychological journals – abstracts can be viewed on our web pages.


Publications from the field of medicine are our second leading programme. We have published high quality books from different areas of medicine and are particularly proud of our medical atlas editions.

Croatian history and culture

Alongside several editions covering Croatian history and culture, we are proud of our “Biblioteka Posegana” library containing original historical materials from Požega and the surrounding region. Individual volumes from Biblioteka Posegana can be found in a series of world renown libraries.


In cooperation with societies and institutions without their own publication facilities, we have published various scientific, professional and thematic editions and welcome further offers.

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